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For men or women.  With this original version of the Platinum, you can still experience rapid weight loss. The slimming pills can reduce the compound and absorption of fat, dilute and burn the fat effectively, and accelerate metabolism due to using antioxidants.  These products also promotes appetite suppression and boosts fat metabolism.  You will get unexpected good weight loss result by using this slimming capsule.  This product focuses on all over weight reduction, in face most people lose weight in a week.  No diet or exercise is required. No side effects other than dry mouth.

Specification: Platinum 450mg * 30 caps/box

Ingredients: Koncing Nut, Konjac Fiber, Gamboge Fruit, Apples, Kiwifruit and Sweet Potato Fiber.

Usage & Dosage: 1 capsule a day before or after breakfast Storage: Store in cool, dry and dark conditions. 

Suitable age: People above the age of 18 and under 60 

Precautions: Not intended for the use by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by the use of persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease.

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Platinum Regular

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